Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can use Iwing Marketplace

Iwing Marketplace can be used by business owners to advertise their  business, brand, product or service. The platform  is designed to drive significant amount of traffic to your website, social media, contact information and business location specifically by people who are in need of your product and services. This will get your business noticed and eventually drive sales.


Can I increase my brand awarenss ?

Yes. When a user performs a search on Iwing App, it will display a list of relevant results, each with a brief snapshot so that they can decide which one to click on to learn more. This means that even if a user doesn’t click on your listing, they still see your business. This will increase their awareness and familiarity with your brand, which may warms them up for further engagement.

How do I add a business on Iwing?

Download the app on google play store or the app store. Sign up. Go to the menu and tap  Add a business in the top left hand corner. You’ll have to subscribe in order to add a business. Fill the form, choose a category, add pictures and upload the business. Make sure you exit the page after uploading the business. Go to your category to see the business.

Can I sell my products and services?

Yes. Iwing Marketplace is an online business directory and marketplace that enable users to instantly identify, learn about and contact business relevant to them. Iwing App will help you attract new customers by giving them all the info they need in order to buy from you such as your; phone number, email, website, social media address, photos of your products/services, your map and information about your business.

What do I do after adding a business ?

Once you add your business, invite all your customers to download the app and add your business as their favorite.This is a great way to get the ball rolling and start engaging with your customers. Post beautiful pictures of your products and promotions to keep them engaged. Tap the love icon at the top right of your business page to add a business to your favorites. Go to the menu and tap favorites to see favorite businesses. Contact me to find out how to use Iwing Marketplace for your customer loyalty program

Can I get discovered ?

Yes. Iwing App allows users to search businesses by specific criteria such as location, category and even nearby. By simply entering complete and accurate information in your listing, the directory will then connect your business to the people searching for it, They will stumble on your business as soon as they start searching.This is highly beneficial for your business.

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