Benefits of advertising with Iwing Marketplace

Iwing Marketplace is the fastest way to search nearby businesses and side hustles. More than 150,000 shoppers visit the website, app and social media pages every month. If you want them to discover your business, then you will have to advertise with Iwing Marketplace. Find below some of the benefits of advertising with Iwing Marketplace.

Get discovered More easily

Most of the time consumers don't know what they want. They come to iwing Marketplace to explore. It's easy for them to discover your businesswhen they are just exploring.

no transaction fees from sales

You can save a lot of money when you sell on Iwing Marketplace. We set up your store so customers can find you easily and browse your catalog. If they do buy from you, you dont have to pay and transaction fees. All the money you make is yours

Reach more customers

Some shoppers visit iwing Marketplace because they know they can find things easily through the search engine or the category. It will be easy for the to discover your business if it is listed in the platform

connect directly with customers

when customers visit your iwing store and are satisfied with your product or service, they will contact you directly. They can also become a loyal customer. They may make more purchases and become advocates for your business

How we increase your awareness

Our Strong Points

If you are looking for affordable ways to reach more customers, look no further than Iwing Marketplace. We create listing for you one Iwing Marketplace to increase your chances of getting found by customers. We also do spotlight interview to help you showcase your business to a large audience. We share your content on our social media pages using powerful captions and hashtags to help you stay visible

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Online Directory
Marketplace Advertising
Social Media Marketing

Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your business 


$ 50
Per Year
  • 1 Year listing
  • Iwing Store
  • 2 post sharing on Instagram and Facebook


$ 100
Per Year
  • 1 year listing
  • Iwing Store
  • 6 post sharing
  • One article
  • 15 minutes sales coaching


$ 200
Per Year
  • 1 year Listing
  • Iwing Store
  • 8 post sharing on Instagram and Facebook
  • One Article
  • 30 mins sales coaching
  • One live interview

Frequently asked questions

Iwing Marketplace is platform where people can find businesses owned by entrepreneurs of African Descent. Iwing Marketplace is the fastest way to search for nearby businesses or side hustles. 

If you want your business to get noticed by potential customers, then you have to list your business on Iwing Marketplace

 Once customers discover your business through the search engine, categories or through our social media pages, they will visit your website or brick and mortar shop to shop.

Alternatively, they may contact you directly and pay for your product or service either through PayPal,Bank Transfer, cash or any other acceptable method you and the customer will be comfortable with. 

We advice shoppers to exercise caution when shopping online, regardless if it is Iwing Marketplace or not. It’s good to use PayPal as a medium of exchange because PayPal can settle disputes between you and the vendor. 


Once your you complete our contact form and we approve your business, you can make payment either through our website, app, or through PayPal, Cashapp, Zelle, or Momo for clients based in Cameroon

it’s important to advertise with Iwing Marketplace so as to drive traffic to your Social media Pages. Iwing Marketplace is an affordable way to reach potential customers organically. 

Apart from helping reach your potential customers organically, Iwing Marketplace also creates awesome content about your business so Iwing Shoppers can engage with your business

You can have the best e-commerce website in the world but if nobody knows about it, it becomes worthless.

Iwing Marketplace like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are all great platforms for building awareness about your store or business

Iwing Marketplace put your business in front of more than 150,000 monthly shoppers and the best part is that, you don’t have to pay for any transaction fees. all the money you make selling on iwing Marketplace is yours.

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