Iwing Marketplace FAQ

What if you could effortlessly attract customers to your business and become more visible to your target market?

WHAT IS IWING MARKETPLACE ALL ABOUT? Iwing Marketplace is the fastest way to find nearby businesses and side hustles as well as global businesses owned by Entrepreneurs of African Descent. We have more than 150,000 monthly visitors searching for products and services on our social media, app and website.

How to search on Iwing Marketplace

Nearby Search

Nearby search is the fastest way to discover businesses that are located a short distance away from you

Search by City or State

Iwing Marketplace is the best platform to search for businesses in different cities and states 

Search specific category nearby

Iwing Marketplace is the fastest way to search for a a specific vendor nearby. 

Why Advertise with Iwing

Maximum productivity

How iwing Marketplace can help you

We create a website for you on iwing Marketplace so shoppers can discover you

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